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Alien is a 40-minute epic from our 3rd Album which continued the band’s sonic explorations veering into Progressive Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Math Rock, Balkan, Psychedelia.


“challenging the listener with an experimental blend of mind-expanding music which should strike a positive chord in the adventurous music lover who expect more from progressive rock than chunky Mellotron chord washes and lilting synthesizer arpeggios.” – Joseph Shingler,


 “Emerging from the effervescent blue stone, a behemoth has risen in Kent. The name of the entity is Alien. The behemoth is totally enticing and enthralling. Who knows ? Love may even blossom if, or when you encounter it.” – Owen Davies, DPRP


“The band have that quirky Canterbury sense of humour, referencing Gong at the end of Part I and Glenn Miller via some Spike Jones craziness at the beginning of Part IV. They must be a blast live, for they are as sparkly as the gem stone they are named after and as zesty as the wonderful hops of their home county.” – Roger Trenwith,



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We’re currently working on our 4th Album due for release in Autumn 2016.



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